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Construction drone services

Our team offers extensive experience of construction drone services and specialization working with cameras to monitor works with drones. We can offer full support at every step of the process.

Experience in aerial photography

Construction work supervision report

With construction drone services, aerial photography and video allow construction managers to monitor the progress of work by giving them access to all available assets.

They also help project managers plan and analyze what success looks like for the business and provide a wealth of data that can be analyzed at a later time. Even when required, it can be transmitted live in the case of large equipment maneuvers or important processes that require managers who are located in another place to be kept informed in real time.

drone service

Drone data processing companies

The aerial construction drone services make it possible to observe a chronological advance from the air (as detailed as required) of all areas of interest on the property, in order to provide useful information for decision-making, both for those who are physically in the work and for those who are not.

There are many benefits of using drones for job monitoring. They can be used in the agriculture, construction, mining and forestry industries.

Governments also use drones to monitor their borders and infrastructure. They help prevent illegal activities and trafficking, as well as provide better security for people living near borders.

The drone industry is growing at a fast pace and many companies have been established in the past few years. In 2018 alone, $6 billion worth of investments were made in drones.

It does not matter how complicated or simple your project is... It is your project and for us the most important thing

We are specialists in the construction drone services throughout the Riviera Maya for private and civil works construction companies, mainly carrying out three types of work:

Drones para el avance de obra

Drones for construction sites

We offer drone services for construction projects, aerial videos in a construction site are necessary to generate renders. With the best precision when driving, we offer great services for construction companies.

Drones en el seguimiento de obra

Construction drone services

Drones for construction work are essential. Follow your work at different heights with a drone and get every aspect from above. The hit of this product is to show the monitoring of works throughout the Riviera Maya.

Servicios de drones para el sector de la construcción

Aerial 360 photography

Aerial photography has become an important tool that can be used in different sectors and industries. Our services are highly recommended for building checkpoints, infrastructure surveys, real estate, hotels, and more.

Drone services for the construction sector

Construction drone services are the perfect solution for construction companies, construction zones, public and private buildings, etc. In addition to monitoring construction operations, we have developed drone construction monitoring services with a video transmission option that allows you to work in real time.


  • Monitoring and registration service that helps to identify if there are deviations based on the established plans.
  • Supervisory surveys up to 80% faster and available in real time over the Internet *(under certain specific conditions).
  • Cost savings by not having to distract your staff from monitoring tasks.
    Reliable video-based reporting; free of interpretation.
  • Remote construction supervision, useful for the owner.
  • Legal graphic record in video and photography.
  • Graphic material for the progress of work before investors.
  • Graphic material for the promotion of work.


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